Examining Project 2– My Research

For my project two, I will be completing interviews of college students asking them about their connections with the pieces that they read, specifically newspaper articles. I will also be interested in seeing if this differs from novels and also research how college students react to the words of musicians through their music. I feel that these all are one in the same, how other peoples words make us react and feel.

I am taking a research methods class and we have read numerous articles about how to successfully create and execute surveys and interviews. I have re-read these for the purposes of this project, and look forward to executing their recommendations.

One aspect of my project that has required the most research, is where to publish my research. In our group meeting, some informal outlets, such as The Tab, were recommended, but throughout my research I have decided to seek a more formal outlet. I have decided that the opinions section of the Huffington Post and the Michigan Daily are optimal places for my work.

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  1. Hey Louis!

    I think your topic sounds really interesting. For me, it’s especially interesting that you’re going to look at musician’s words (I’m assuming that means song lyrics?). It’s funny how you can memorize all of the words to a song and never really think about what they mean. Or, how you can make songs fit in with you and your current situation.

    Do you have any hypotheses on what your sample of people are going to say about their relationship with words?

  2. Hi Louis!
    I completely relate with your desire to publish somewhere formal. I was thinking of putting my work somewhere less daunting too, but I ultimately decided to reach for the stars on this one. Also, I think that your research will make your project more in depth and factually based than some of the more casual publications. The Daily sounds like a good fit to me.
    I’m wondering about the aspect of music that you mention. This seems a little disconnected from novels and newspapers articles to me, so I’m wondering how you see this all working together. Maybe you’ll want to keep with broad, with many different facets of interviews, but it may help to look at things a little more narrowly, focused. I’m excited to see what the interviews are like and how you’ll piece them together! Good luck.

  3. Louis — this is a great start to your remediation project! I believe that the Michigan Daily would be an excellent place for your work because it is extremely relatable to students on campus, especially if you choose to interview University of Michigan students. The articles that you came across in your course on how to successfully create and execute interviews seem extremely helpful. I am actually planning to conduct a few interviews for my project and would be very interested in checking those out! Have you thought about who you are going to interview? Will you interview a wide range of people, or stick to a group of people who have more in common with one another?

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