Getting the Ball Rolling

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After what seems like months of considering and planning, I’ve reached a point of excitement and slight impatience with my capstone project. My biggest anxiety is the song composition aspect and the ever-worrisome questions of “Can I do this? Will it be any good? Am I entirely overconfident in my musical abilities?”

Although I could fret over this from now until April 18th (and, honestly, probably will), I mainly want to just get started. This sense of antsiness has led me to begin doodling around on piano and guitar, which has calmed some of my worries (turns out, I still remember how to play piano), but I’d really just love to jump in.

I’ll continue to worry about the pending success of my song, but I feel most confident in writing in the style common with other pieces like this (the “Christian women’s ministry, warm-and-fuzzy, aesthetically-pleasing, and welcoming” style). Although I haven’t specifically researched a lot of the content I’ll discuss in my project, this style of writing is something I immensely enjoy and have picked up through my experiences with my own church and through reading other books, articles, etc. I’ll certainly need a lot of fine-tuning, but I feel much more comfortable with this than with the musical component.

This extensive brainstorming and idea-refining process has honestly been a test of my patience and determination. I’ve always hated brainstorming and am much more comfortable jumping in, getting messy, and cleaning things up later – which is a weakness. Forcing myself to sit in these ideas, carefully develop them, and consider them deeply before starting to research and create content has been a learning experience – one I begrudgingly know is good for me.

…but I’m still excited to get started.

Alexis Stempien

An aspiring science writer studying biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience with minors in writing and general shenanigans. In my spare time, I make YouTube videos at

2 thoughts to “Getting the Ball Rolling”

  1. Hey Alexis! “I’ve always hated brainstorming and am much more comfortable jumping in, getting messy, and cleaning things up later” Totally. I resonate with this as well and sometimes wonder if part of the motivation behind the production plan is to get us all excited and jumped in quickly. Anyway, I think you have chosen a very unique topic and I’m excited to see how it will unfold! I see that you have prior experience with piano and guitar so that’s a great start. I might know some people who make music (editing, the tech stuff etc.) so if you want to in the future, I’ll be happy to help you ask around.

  2. Alexis,

    After reviewing your drafts during our workshop, I am confident in saying you will be in good shape to write a song. Being that it’s heavily influenced by loads of research you’re going to conduct, I can’t see it going wrong (and for someone who’s written a novel, I think you’ll find this easier). I can relate to this anxiety since I’m composing for my project as well, as you know. I am working from less concise origins for my piece, while you have more defined parameters within the realm of religious music. This is not to say that you have an easy task, and I’m definitely not discounting the difficulty of your task. However, I think you may find out that creating a meaningful piece will come more easily as you develop the other counterparts of your project. I’m really excited to see what you compose.

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