Ideas for Remediation

After some serious thinking, I’ve realized that my original idea for the repurposing project was too broad and contained too much information. I wasn’t contributing anything new or original to the topic I was writing about, so it seems a little soon to be thinking about remediating a project that hasn’t even solidified into an idea yet. However, my streamlined idea is to take my research paper about the Desire projects in New Orleans and use it to identify what has been continusouly misunderstood about similar problems. I am going to focus on the ways that communities are not consulted and people who believe they have a higher authority assume they know best in creating solutions. This way I am not pretending to offer a solution (and thus contributing to the same problem I want to critique), but offering a relatively unique lens about what can guarantee failure in projects meant to “help”.  The following are some ideas I had for a potential remediation project:


  1. Interactive Website/Digital Project
    1. The way I’m envisioning this currently, I’m seeing a multimedia website that includes a lot of primary sources – audio and video interviews, along with pictures or clips of news articles. It would also have an interactive timeline and other interactive properties to repackage my themes and creates clearer connections between what I have written and other times where interventionist ideas can, in my opinion, be more hurtful than helpful.
  2. Photography
    1. One of the themes that (I think) I’m trying to get at in my repurposed piece is outsiders vs. insiders and the affect of that dynamic on communities, specifically with regards to race, class, and location. Photography may be an interesting way to look in to these dynamics and the differences that are caused. Possibly some sort of before and after?
  3. Podcast
    1. The last idea I had was turning my feature article into a podcast. This way I could split up what is becoming a pretty long piece in to shorter sections that may be more accessible while incorporating many of the same files I discussed in my idea for the website.


My biggest worry for each of these is that I have no experience with these mediums and don’t really have a lot of confidence in my ability to execute them well.

2 thoughts to “Ideas for Remediation”

  1. Areeba,
    I really love the topic you’ve chosen to explore— the phenomenon of people (typically with substantial amounts of privilege) trying to “fix” communities they don’t belong to is all too familiar in social justice practices today. This is especially reminiscent of the dynamic between Ann Arbor and Detroit, I feel.

    In any case, I love your first idea of creating some sort of interactive blog website about the issue: I feel as though you could do the really important job of curating news and academic articles relevant to this trend (and also to related issues, like voluntourism and gentrification and white savior complexes), which would then become a sort of one-stop-shop for people seeking to educate themselves on allyship and social justice work. I think there is a great need for this, especially in liberal circles.

    Beyond these primary sources, how would you insert your own voice into this conversation? Is there a way you do some additional work with the blog (perhaps through writing summaries or writing introductions or purposefully categorizing the content in certain ways) that would pose some sort of argument for your audience to follow? I very much look forward to the developments of this project!

  2. Areeba, I found this idea to be really strong! Good for you for taking such a bold stance on something. I think for your purposes, a multimedia website would be SO cool, yet I wonder if that is a realistic undertaking? I think the photography project is a cool way to approach the same kind of idea from a more creative angle. Definitely worth pursuing!!

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