Internet Habits

Interestingly, I was actually a productive student this weekend, and not goofing off on my laptop like usual. On Friday, most of my internet history involved my email as I was trying to craft an important email to a family friend. Still, it’s pretty funny to look at my web history and note how many different times Gmail pops up. I only had to send 1 email to send, yet I can see all of the correspondence I went through to figure out what exactly to say. It was a professional email (and being a 19 year old, I have little experience in wording a proper professional email), so I was emailing my brother back and forth trying to figure out the perfect email to send.

Saturday, I had 3 club basketball games in East Lansing so the only thing on my web history was actually searching for a concussion test online because my friend and teammate was hit in the head during the game and felt dizzy (luckily he is ok and concussion free). Sunday, I was on my computer a little bit more because I was on it before the Super Bowl. I had some wikipedia searches for some cultural references I didn’t understand from watching last week’s episode of SNL. I also looked up a few sports figures (I’m a huge sports fan and frequently look up player statistics) and some concert times (trying to get these Bieber tickets at the Palace).

It wasn’t a great weekend of boredom and therefore internet surfing for me, but I think I did realize that the best thing to help my web surfing habits is to keep busy. I wasn’t home much, and therefore couldn’t surf the web on my computer. I was very active this weekend and had a great weekend, and I’m much happier keeping busy than I am staying on my computer all day. From now on, I’m going to do my best to keep busy and active on the weekends because I shouldn’t just sit on my laptop all day.


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