Internet History Post

When asked by Ray to write a post on my internet history my first thought was, why would he want to know what kind of porn the class is looking at?? Okay, I’m sure that no one would post about watching porn…and if they do good for them.  No shame!  While this isn’t an admission of my own viewing of X-rated videos, I feel very strongly that if you should want to get your kink on to some videos from time to time, just do so in the safety of your own home. Evidently, there are one too many Michiganders trying to watch porn while driving, this man for example.  Whether I do or do not watch porn will remain censored on this post (although it really must seem like I am a total junkie and have set to prompt on-screen whenever I open Safari…which is not the case…but who would believe me now?)  Back to the purpose of this post: to analyze my internet consumption.

Since asked to track my history my top three sites are Gmail, Youtube, and GoogleSearch.  I also visit Facebook, Comcast, and click bait with high frequency and the various other sites I visited were to acquire information for practical reasons (such as Canvas).  There was some online shopping, but that was very brief as per my New Year’s resolution to cut back on unnecessary expenses.  I was shocked by how often I checked my email…I did so more than twenty times on Saturday!

This little assignment has given me some perspective into how I use the internet primarily out of habit.  It is my habit to go online check my email and to get work done.  I seldom will search the internet aimlessly, yet I did succumb to click bait more than once each time I visited Facebook.  As far as my relationship with Facebook goes, I think I use it to keep in contact with my family.  My family relies on facebook to stay connected on a daily basis, yet this  worries me.  At what point did I go online in search of connection?  That’s against the pillars of my own morality, or so I thought.

It has become very clear to me that I hardly read anything online.  The idea of reading something on my computer screen gives me a headache, so I stick to print as best I can.  I keep up to date on my news via NPR and very rarely I will turn on the TV.  How do I expand what I am reading?  I go off of recommendations I hear from friends/colleagues and even reviews.  I’ve had relative success with this; however, perhaps there is a way I can use the internet to do just that?  Something to consider.

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