Internet History Was Spot-On

When we were first told to keep track of our internet history, I already had some expectations as to what my internet searching would look like; for the most part, I was right. As a massive music fan, I visit Complex almost every day. Similarly, I visit SoundCloud multiple times per day, YouTube a few times per week, and Empty Mug Records’ website daily. I visit each of these websites specifically for musical and pop culture purposes, which I feel demonstrates that pop culture plays a significant role in my life. This revelation, however, is nothing new. In addition to these internet searches, the majority of my internet history was made up of academic-related searches. These include CTools, Canvas, the Umich Library, and broad google searches related to research I was conducting for classes. Such internet activity can be expected of a college student. Since I was tracking my internet activity over the weekend, there were multiple food orders placed. While I don’t tend to order food online during the week, it is a regular habit over the weekend. Lastly, Facebook and Tumblr were the only social media platforms that were listed in my history. It is interesting that Tumblr was included because I tend to only visit that website when I am feeling particularly inspired or artistic. Over all, my internet history revealed exactly what I thought it would. The importance that I find in pop culture, my academics, indulging in good food, staying up to date with my peers, and expressing myself through artistic, emotional outlets.

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