Let the research begin!

For my remediation project, I plan to create a fake issue of SHIFT (SHEI’s digital magazine) with the theme of “slow” based off of a research paper I wrote in High School on the Slow Fashion Movement. To begin my research, I started to look for online magazine templates to make sure that it was possible to pursue this idea. It wasn’t easy, but I finally found a template on Lucidpress.com that will work in mimicking an issue of SHIFT. After playing around with the template and exploring the different features it had to offer, I soon became very excited to dive into my deeper research.

When researching this topic three years ago, I did not find an immense amount of information on the Slow Fashion Movement itself. In fact, I struggled to find enough examples of brands and companies that represented slow fashion. But when researching it today, I am having the opposite issue. There are so many articles about this movement and brands that are so-called “doing it right” that I don’t know how to choose!

However, one particular piece of research I came across that I am finding useful is the official Slow Fashioned website. This website most definitely did not exist three years ago and it is giving me great ideas of what I want to include in my issue. The website states the mission of the Slow Fashion Movement and even includes a pledge to “slow down” that individuals can sign. It contains countless interviews from several different designers and companies and links to articles related to slow fashion and its growing popularity.

I plan to continue exploring the official Slow Fashioned website and come up with a list of questions to ask to students at the University of Michigan to further my research and discover how knowledgeable college students are on this topic. I also eventually hope to narrow my research down and pick only a few brands and designers to discuss in my issue!

3 thoughts to “Let the research begin!”

  1. This sounds really interesting! I’ve never heard of slow fashion, so I’m excited to read your final project. Are you doing a full fake issue? How many articles is that? I’m just wondering if you’ll have enough time to thoroughly research different topics/companies.
    Another thing you might want to consider is the diversity of the articles you include. Are they all going to be company profiles? Or is one going to look at the impact of slow fashion (on the environment, ect.) and another is going to describe the benefits of branding your company as “slow,” for example. I think as you do more research your ideas will narrow down more too! Good luck.

  2. Hi Emily,
    I can tell that you are very passionate about your research on the slow fashion movement and I am looking forward to seeing how all of the research will tie into your final project. I was most interested in how the movement has become more prevalent just in the past several years. I guess I could serve as your first interview on how knowledgeable I am on this topic; I have never heard of it before. However, I am interested to checkout the Slow Fashioned website to become more familiar with the topic. I am also interested to find out if most students know about this, and if social demographics plays a role in who is exposed to this type of fashion. For now, great start, and I am looking forward to seeing the development of this project.

  3. Hey Emily!

    I’m really glad that it was easier this time around to find sources and outside inspiration. It’s funny how things can change in just a matter of three years. I’m really glad that you managed to find a magazine template–I’d hate for you to have to change your game plan for that reason.

    I know that I wasn’t really knowledgeable about the slow fashion movement until you brought it up in class. Mostly, I just didn’t know that it had a name. Would it possibly help if you started researching using words like “sustainable fashion?” I don’t know if it’s related, but NPR did a short video series on how to make a t-shirt which brings you all over the world to different factories.

    Excited to see more!

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