Monday’s Workshop

I have had a pretty solid idea of what I would like to accomplish for my capstone project for a while now.  I am making a website, which I hope can be used as a resource for non-scientists who want to learn more about science, specifically medicine.  I was confident going in to this workshop, because even though I hadn’t done any of my interviews yet, I had designed my website exactly the way I imagined it.  But what I had in mind maybe wasn’t as clear to anyone else.

My group has given me some great ideas with every workshop, this one included.  They asked questions about my website that I hadn’t even considered.  To me, what seemed to be laid out right on the screen, was maybe not as easy to interpret to anyone else.  They gave me advice on what to change within some of the subheadings of my page, and let me know what more they would want from a site such as this.  Additionally, Cameron gave me a great resource to look at:  I forgot the whole story behind the website, but this page in particular gives definitions to a lot of medical terminology, which is similar to something I would like to include in my website.

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Website url:

I am feeling a little conflicted at this point of my project.  I have a lot of ideas of what I would like it to be, but have realized I am going to have to part ways with some of my ideas.  What I need to do is sit down and solidify a game plan for the rest of my project, so I can shape my project around what I find.  Specifically, I need to conduct my first few interviews to decide what their exact purpose will be in my final project.  I feel better about my progress with my project after the workshop, but I still know I have a long way to go.

After I actually speak to the scientists I am going to interview, I need to work on the theme throughout the website.  Not in a design way, but I need to adjust my tone and style of writing to fit the audience I am trying to target.  The first thing I need to do that is adjust the title of my website.  Currently, it is called Science Communication; however, I don’t think it explains what I really want the website to be used for.  I will be working on this until I set up interviews with people.  My website doesn’t seem like much now, but I think once I finish up my interviews, everything will start falling into place!  (Fingers crossed this is the case!)


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  1. Hi Kaitylnn!

    I’m glad our blog group workshop was helpful! I am really excited to see the evolution of your project. I think once you conduct your first few interviews you will be able to move forward and make some key decisions about the website!


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