My Boring Internet Experience

If you judged my by my browser history, you would think I was the dullest human on the planet. My top hit is a sweeping win for Canvas. My second most popular is Google and Facebook (obviously). A close third is (they have the most beautifully photographed food of all time). Then, there are about a dozen websites that I went to often this weekend for my summer internship search. So there were a lot of non-profits, think tanks, USAjobs, and job search engines. The Umich Career Center website was popular as well. Finally, my last group of boring websites I visited were about 8 different academic journals, where I read economic papers for a problem set in an economics class. I went to a total of 4 sites for fun, which included a Detroit Free Press article, an art blog, and a bathing suit shopping site. Clearly, I need to expand my internet use to include websites to expose me to culture, art, music, news, and things that outside the strictly academic world. I do think this weekend was a bit of an outlier, because I was just very busy with internships and school work. However, in general I could use the internet better.

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