My Ideas for Remediation

My re-purposing essay is a reflective narrative, in which I discuss how being labeled as Jewish, while I do not personally identify with being Jewish, has shaped parts of my life. In the essay, I explore how I and my peers define “being Jewish,” particularly by contrasting the notions of ethically vs. religiously Jewish. Three ideas I have for a remediation of this essay are:

  1. A documentary of a series of interviews with undergraduate students who define themselves as Jewish. I would ask questions to them like: What makes you identify as being Jewish? My goal here would be to understand how these Jewish students think of being Jewish, and whether they interpret “Jewish” as more ethnic or religious. I would try to devise questions that get at that point, specifically.
  2. Similar to my first idea, I could create a podcast that incorporates interviews from student who define themselves as being Jewish. Unlike #1, where I would focus the project on the other students, I would make this podcast more personal by talking about my own reactions to being labeled as Jewish and my interpretation of being Jewish. I would try to pitch my own ideas to the interviewees and see how they respond.
  3. Finally, I could remediate my essay into a historical presentation where I create something like an interactive map. I would trace how the meaning of Jewish changed over time and was molded into what it is today. Of course, I would have to do a lot of research on its interpretations, and especially its interpretations in the past.

One thought to “My Ideas for Remediation”

  1. Jordan, I think your remediation ideas are wonderful! I particularly like the idea to trace out Jewish heritage using a map. I think many people would find that type of thing to be very interesting. Also, creating a podcast is a great way to open a discussion based on stereotypes and Jewish culture on campus. I think that goes with your audience as well!

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