New Perspectives and Next Steps

I don’t even watch Game of Thrones but related to this on a personal level.

Overall, the most helpful part of workshop might have been just getting my questions out there. When I’m in the brianstorming process, I tend to over-think my ideas or instantly shut them down. With this project, I’m trying really hard to accept some ideas that I might think nobody would ever be interested in, hoping to must myself the extra mile and make something ordinary interesting to read. I was able to ask my peers if they had any ideas relating to college that they thought I should cover,  which turned out to be very helpful. It was also reassuring just to have the project in general reaffirmed, since I’ve been bouncing back and forth with it so much lately.

When I came into workshop, I kind of assumed everyone would hate the idea and that I would end up taking it in a different direction. Now, I am much more confident. I think sometimes writers don’t give themselves enough credit, especially when it comes to brainstorming. After getting some suggestions on what works well and what could be shifted, I am eager to get started actually writing and designing.

Actual photo of me attempting to tackle the next steps of this project.
Actual photo of me attempting to tackle the next steps of this project.

To get to my complete rough draft, I now need to get some more outside perspective. I need to speak with peers to get a broader range of ideas when it comes to college experiences, and I also need to reach out to a mentor to add a bit of expertise to the mix. Over break, I’m going to try to read as much humor memoirs and zines that I can in order to become more familiar with these mediums and their respective tones. I also need to figure out how I’m going to house my project in a digital format, which shouldn’t be too difficult (I hope).

While all of this is going on, a big step is just to sit down and write. I often get so caught up in whether my writing is going to be “good enoguh” that I never start. A huge step will be accepting that not everything I write is going to be perfect at first, and that it will probably never be perfect even after revisions; the point is that I just get something down on paper, however rough it may be. Talking with my blog group helped me narrow down exactly what steps I need to take next, which helped set a concrete foundation of what I need to do over break and beyond.

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  1. Hi Allison,

    Oh my god, first of all that picture is amazing. I think that pretty accurately describes all of our current moods.

    Your project is taking shape so nicely! I was so impressed with the creative, relatable college experiences you’ve outlined in your storyboard. I told you this in class, but I think your audiences will completely associate with you and trust you because you’re telling stories that are personal to you but still have an element of universality with all college students.

    I know every time we talk in class you bring up the worry of why your topic is important, or whether anyone would actually want to read it. After reading your introduction however, I would say yes, 100%, there will be people would will want to read this. Your tone is spot on and your ideas, with more research and development, are awesome.


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