New Project II

I’ve decided to change my idea completely, and now I’m going to write a researched-based new journalism style essay, exploring what it means to make writing and art about yourself, your family, and very intimate aspects of everyday life and your relationships. My source material is project I, the “Why I Write” essay. This essay focused on my parents’ recent discovery of my work online, which was partly about my relationship with them. They were pretty upset and angry about the content, and the fact that they were public. In project I, I questioned “why I write” in relation to the sometimes-negative consequences of my subject matter, and began to question how to write ethically.

For project II, I want to take what I began questioning, and come to a more definitive conclusion about how to write and make art about others, without censoring yourself but while also respecting those in your writing. I will look at my own experience with my parents and how our relationship has shifted over the past month after they found my work, but also at some research about other writers and artists who write about their lives, such as David Sedaris, Phoebe Gloeckner, Alison Bechdel, and Tracey Emin.

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