Ohh the Wonders of Project II

So this whole project II thing is turning out to be much more difficult than I initially anticipated. When revisiting my original source, being an old philosophy final paper, I realized just how much work I have to do. Below I have copy and pasted my GSI’s concluding commentary on the paper:

“I’ll open with some criticism: I think this paper involves problems with both content and structure. There are places, flagged above, at which I think you misinterpret or misconstrue Kitcher’s points. And somewhere in the middle of the paper, your rather clear goal of arguing that WOS depends on a worked out account of purity and unity, seems to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, you find yourself arguing about the special importance of the tyranny of the ignorant.

However, this paper was ambitious, creative, and showed the sort of excited engagement with the content on which the very best philosophy depends. It was fun and refreshing to see someone try to bring some novel criticism to bear on the content of the course, rather than to read another paper that just regurgitated the same old stuff we’ve talked through in class. Good work. Of all the papers I received, this is the only one I think has enough meat to it to bother revising any further. I think if you wanted to make a project of it, you could refine this paper into something publishable in one of the many undergraduate journals of philosophy out there. There are, as I noted above, some serious problems here. But you also do original, substantive, creative work. That’s such a rarity. Well done.”

So here’s the thing. I focused on the second paragraph, naturally, because that is the more positive praise. Which ultimately meant that I took this all to mean I am brilliant and can just expand on my brilliance. However, he was really, really serious when he said that the paper involves “problems with both content and structure.” My brain was all over the place in this paper. The ideas were there, but they were not entirely argued for as I had hoped, leaving me with much more work to be done than I thought. I was under the impression that most of my work to be done would be expansive rather than some serious editorial and investigative work. In sum, I better get seriously started. Off to work! Hope all of you are having a tad more luck than I am.

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