One thing that immediately stood out to me when I cleared my history in order to better examine my browsing habits was that I have no idea what my passwords are to anything. In today’s age, all you have to do is check a box next to “Remember me” and you’re done, you’re remembered, the passwords are irrelevant. That is, until you have to clear your history and log out of everything for a writing assignment.

Over this weekend I reset my passwords for Facebook, Groupme and twitter, which also happen to be my three most frequently visited sites. This is especially impressive considering I use about two or three of the same passwords for everything. Whether this says more about my apathy or lack of memory is yet to be seen.

Another thing I noticed about my internet patterns is how boring I am. The beauty of the internet, in theory, is that it is a world of endless opportunities. There are over a billion websites on the internet. That kind of choice is unsurpassed by pretty much any other medium. And yet, I visited about 30 of those websites over the weekend, with the vast majority of my browsing time spent on just three or four. While it is true that I use websites like Facebook and Twitter as ‘jumping off points’ to other websites, the fact remains that, if you gave me the choice between losing ten choice websites or the other billion websites on the internet, losing my top ten would probably be significantly more devastating to me.

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