Peer Review of Early Capstone Project Draft

Just as a reminder: my project is comparing the lives of first generation college students and continuing generation college students focusing on all class levels from freshmen to seniors. I am doing this through a series of long form interviews. My final product will be a website to house all of these interviews.

It’s good that we had to do a mock up and write up an introduction for our project. In my mind, I planned to create my website ahead of time, so I could plug all my interviews in when I had them instead of worrying about aesthetics. In the process of creating my mock up out of rectangles and squares in Word, I wanted something more tangible, so I went ahead and created my website.

This step alone made me feel good coming into workshop. I actually had something tangible after all of the brainstorming we’ve done in class. After hearing my peers’ feedback from seeing the actual website was even better because they enjoyed the layout. It was helpful to hear some idea’s about what I could do with my website like hovering over a person’s image and seeing one of their quotes. Unfortunately, I don’t think Wix has this capability. I didn’t send out my link to my peers yet, but I think that would’ve been helpful for them to have it in front of them, so they could give me feedback on the user interface.

I think the biggest role that research will come into my rough draft is inspiration (I have some good models). There are so many beautifully created websites, and I might see something I like even more than my current design.

The biggest next step to making this into a complete working draft will be conducting interviews because then I will have even more tangible stuff to work with!! Having this website created made me want to go ahead and conduct interviews instead of waiting until after break. I am actually meeting up with a few people before spring break!

I’m happy with how everything is coming along so far.

Melody Ng

Melody is currently a senior studying business.

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