Picking a Proposal

It is always the same. The initial excitement of finally coming up with an idea wears off, and the reality sets in.

As I sat at my computer about 5 days ago, I came face-to-face with the all-too familiar feeling of “wait, do I actually like this idea?” “Am I sure this is something that will work?” “What are other things that I like better?”  Despite the fact that I let my mind race off thinking of a few new ideas (concept of reality T.V., some sort of idea about music…not sure where I was going with that one) I did end up completing my proposal on my original idea. An absence of multiple openings, an absence of multiple topics – if you know me or my writing process at all, this was a pretty big win.

Even though that was a win, the writing process itself was not easy.  I had to force myself to really thing through my idea, even when it got rough. Fortunately, this process led to me to develop my idea much further.  Originally, the thought behind my project was to focus 80% on self-improvement (a term I don’t really even use anymore) and 20% on individuals who feel they don’t need/want to improve.  Upon my workshop in class, it was brought to my attention that I was missing narrowing my project by 1) saying all evolution needs to be “improvement” – evolution can very well be negative as well as positive, especially in an environment such as a college university.  Thus, I changed my main topic to “human revisionism” to encompass all types of change. And 2) the increasingly more interesting aspect to this topic are the individuals who feel that they don’t need to improve, who are going against the grain.  So I feel I have now switch the amount of time I plan to spend on each “type” of individual to an even 50/50, if not 40/60.

Although working through the proposal was by no means an easy task, I feel that it was necessary. I now know more about where I want this project to go, and how I will realistically be able to get it there.

One thought to “Picking a Proposal”

  1. Molly, I’m excited to learn more about your topic as we go along! This sounds so interesting. I’m sure, as you’ve been continuing your work on your proposal, that you’ve begun trying to narrow this down a little bit. I’m wondering what specifics you’re going to focus on. I love the idea of people who feel like they don’t need to fix themselves. What about people who want to improve but can’t seem to follow through? Are you going to complete this project by interviewing people? How can you ensure they’re telling the truth? Definitely intrigued by this project!

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