Presentation frustration

There were several times during yesterday’s class when I thought “I wish I could pay someone to do this sh*t for me.” We looked a sites that were hand-coded or aesthetically pleasing or structurally mind-blowing. It was intimidating to see those final projects and compare them with my initial ideas for my wholesome little project. I thought about how I could just tell someone (a computer scientist, perhaps?) what I want my website should look like, what media and features I want included,  and when I want it. One step further, I would have someone shoot and edit the media I want to include in the project itself. My Gateway portfolio should be persuasion enough that I need a bit of technology help. Let’s just say that if outsourcing were within the rules of this game, I’d say I would be willing to pay a couple hundred.

Since it isn’t, I suppose I’ll take this time to express my frustration with the idea of picking a platform to house my Capstone project and the distain I have for the requirement to include media in the project. As someone who is creative more in thinking than in practice, I am able to understand the value of media or medium as adding to written content, but I do not think that all writing deserves or demands it. In other words, I’d argue some pieces are most powerful as text. This is not to say that my project will be a glorious work of art in a Word document, just to that I am having a hard time looking for ways to add media, so in those moments of frustration, I tend to think the requirement is silly — this is a writing course after all!? As far as the platform or the website choice, I am lost as well. Because all of these sites are customizable with different features, I find myself unwilling to see past the sample and into these templates with my project in them. Thus, my initial choice is to pick the easiest, simplest tool to work with. What if I do suddenly feel inspired to insert a digital magazine or make my project interactive or make things appear or……?

Anyone else feeling similarly?

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