Production Plan State of Affairs

After going through and writing the production plan, I feel much better about the general direction of my project. It seems to be taking a more physical form (as opposed to a philosophical one) and I think that explicitly scheduling out what needs to be done certainly contributed to this. However, the one part that concerned me after going through the plan was the feasibility of its implementation – in other words, holy cow, this is going to be a lot of work. One thing that I think I will undoubtedly need to do moving forward is examine what parts of this project are completely necessary and which ones are otherwise superfluous. Time permitting, the more frivolous aspects of this plan can be added; however, the absolute necessities of this project must be focused on first.

Truth be told, I’m not sure what these necessities are, and I suppose that’s one area that I could most definitely use some help in. Some things that immediately come to mind are recording my own piece of composition, editing a song recording, and composing a piece of music from scratch. I would argue all three of these are important to the success of this project, yet I really don’t have a clue how to go about doing them practically. Now while part of my project is an exploration of how to go about doing these things, that’s not what I’m really concerned about. What worries me is that any given one of them could take more time than I have allotted, seeing as they will all be very new and foreign experiences. What should I be prioritizing in the event that I simply do not have enough time to effectively research all these moving parts?¬†As I think through this, I believe this is a great place to refer to my “expert” contact, though at the moment, I’m still unsure of how to best use this resource.

I think that by and large, these are relatively minor concerns because they originate from not having actually started the project. A lot of the time beginning an otherwise large assignment is the hardest part, and I think this is a concern created by “not being able to see past the top of the bridge to the other side,” as Raymond pointed out in class. My hope is that the answers to such questions will become clear as I begin the research process.

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  1. Hey! I resonate with you in terms of the need of figuring out what is necessary and what would be considered the “ornaments of the crown” as Raymond had mentioned in earlier classes. Something that I began to ponder about is having a ratio in mind for necessary components to ornament components. It helped me to visualize the project as almost having different functioning prototypes / versions so even version 1 may not be as good as version 3, at least I have something presentable. I’m not sure how much music knowledge you have. As you mentioned a bit, one thing that you could do is finding experts / experienced individuals in making music and collaborate with them on putting everything together while having a solid vision of what you are going for (the effects). May be this would help save time for a bit if you have a lot of moving parts. Also, I think since the experience is foreign to you, it would be interesting to readers to see how you approach it! Rather than following the professional and traditional path to make music (which takes a long time), you may be able to find innovative resources to expedite or even add effects to your composition experience. You can make the process as much of a focus as the final product and this might help taking some pressure off the schedule. Excited to see how your composition experience will unfold!

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