Project Idea Evolution

When I was thinking up ideas for my capstone project, I knew I had to steer away from a direction related to my major. I think Economics is interesting, but I’m fairly certain that few other people outside of the major (or even inside, to be frank) would agree with me. Initially, I tried to get as far away from the discipline as possible. Not only did I want to avoid topics in economics, I wanted to avoid the way I had been taught to think as an Econ major.

Since then, I have realized that that would be impossible. I have also realized that the way I’ve been taught to think could be an asset to my project. That being said, my first idea was overambitious. What I planned on doing would require a year of research, if not longer. I wanted to write six letters from the perspective of six people, each chosen based on the time period in which they lived. After my proposal/idea meeting, I understood how impossible that idea would be to carry out; my time is far too limited for that type of research, and even if I had endless time, the standard for that sort of writing is beyond my level.

Since then, I have developed an idea that I think combines the best aspects of my original idea and allows me to use the analytical skills that I’ve gained through my major. To be perfectly honest, both with myself and with my instructors, the form is still a tiny bit unclear. I think it’s going to have to develop as I begin writing. But I’m confident I’ll make it work.

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