Project II in the Making

After many hours of watching (and laughing at) commencement speeches from the past fifty years, I have finally decided on the sources, moreover, the commencement speakers I am going to focus on for Project II. My main theme I am writing about is how to write the best commencement speech. For as long as I can remember, I have loved public speaking. Being selected to give my high school class commencement speech was an honor and since then my love for public speaking has grown.

As of now, I have a very rough draft of my project completed. I have compiled five key points I believe every commencement speaker should include in their address, going off of both personal experience and everything I saw in the videos of the speakers. After each point, I have several paragraphs to explain how and why these should be incorporated into an address, with examples from scripts of speakers I found to be particularly moving. I have formatted my project to fit an Op-Ed article in The Huffington Post.

As I move forward with this project, I am mainly going to focus on making sure the paragraphs flow together nicely while keeping much of my own voice in my writing. Though it is an Op-Ed article, I want to make sure that my piece is something that The Huffington Post would actually publish in terms of sentence structures and word choice.

Overall, Project II is going well for me. I believe I have a solid foundation and am already starting to brainstorm ideas of how I will transform my piece into Project III. Over Spring Break I am going to continue editing what I have thus far and incorporate ideas that my workshop group members have suggested. Also, I will revise my Annotated Bibliography and begin work on the Making of Project II assignment. I am excited to finalize my project!

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