Project Proposal

Since originally coming up with the “secrets” idea, my project has changed quite a bit. That is most likely due to the fact that I had zero idea of what I wanted to do with “secrets” when this all began, and now I sort of have a concept for what I want my project to look like. Hey that’s progress, right?

At any rate, while trying to decide what tangible “thing” I wanted to create by the end of the semester, a lot of issues came up. How was I going to make this different than PostSecret? Was it starting to resemble Humans of New York? How could I make this my own, and not a worse version of something that already exists?

When I landed on the idea of mini podcasts – many thanks to my peer review group! – I got pretty excited. I definitely had some things to work through: would other people be able to post, or just me? Is it just podcasts, or can I include other mediums (photos, text, etc.)? Content wise, I also had to work out a few kinks. Sure, secrets are interesting inherently, but I want to look at the consequences of keeping secrets. How does keeping someone’s secret affect the secret-keeper? I’ve been narrowing my scope in order to make this different from other sites. The psychology behind secrets has become the focal point as I move forward with the project, due to many hours of self and peer questioning.

One thought to “Project Proposal”

  1. Kelly, I can’t remember what form/group exactly I heard about this idea to begin with, but I have loved to see how it has changed over the past month and am very interested to see where it will continue to go from this point. As for your idea of podcasts – kudos to your group! I think that is a unique and interesting way to capture the same type of information/essence (does that make sense) that the book Secrets does and humans of new york does as well. I, personally, am interested to find out how you are going to filter out who you choose to showcase on your podcast – is there a certain “level” of secret one must be keeping to have a slot? Or a reason that they have a secret to begin with? I think those are very important questions to answer as you start interviewing people!
    Also – I am not quite sure if this is what you were getting at in your post, but were mentioning researching what it is like for those having to keep the secrets of others? Because I think that could be extremely interesting and unique as well! I am not sure if there is research on that subject, but definitely worth looking into!

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