1. Video: because my piece uses such descriptive language, I feel that it could be very interesting to make a video where one person is reading the ballet section and another person is reading the writing section. The video would be edited to cut back and forth between the two readers.
2. Children’s book: since both of these actions are things that young children often participate in, I think I could simplify the writing so that it appeals to a young audience. In the story I would write about either two characters, one who’s a ballerina and one who’s a writer, one one character who participates in both.
3. Tumblr: this would allow me to capitalize on the visual aspect of my writing too. I can choose pictures that represent my writing and include my writing on the page as well.

One thought to “Remediation”

  1. I love your children’s book idea! I haven’t read you paper, but I imagine that writing in a style suitable for kids, while still making sure you get your point across effectively would be fun and challenging, and could also help distill your ideas down to their core in a really meaningful way.

    Have you ever read the book Baseball Ballerina? It’s one of those Learn-to-Read books, I think. It’s a children’s book about a girl who is at war between her two passions: baseball and ballet. Again, I haven’t read your paper, but it seems like that book might tackle something similar to what you’re looking to do. I’m sure they have it in the library!

    If you chose this idea, what would you do in terms of illustrations? I’m super excited to see where you go with this!

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