I have to admit I’m pretty stumped on this whole remediation idea. My piece is a narrative which has a pretty one dimensional format. So here’s what I’ve got.

1) Do a podcast with my brother. We can compare our notes on the events that transpired and get his perspective on the narrative.

2) Turn the narrative into a screenplay of some sort? I feel like if I further develop the characters I could turn this story into somewhat of a short movie.

3) Instead of a podcast I could do an interview with my brother (similar to the Errol Morris piece we read earlier this year). I’ll have him read my piece and then we will discuss it. What he likes/doesn’t like, his grievances, etc.

One thought to “Remediation”

  1. Zach, after reading your original piece, I can definitely see all of these ideas working well and making something that a lot of people would appreciate and enjoy. Since I’m interested in hearing what Sammy has to say from his perspective, I think a podcast would be great. I think actually having the recorded conversation would be better than having a transcribed interview because I think the podcast could be really fun to listen to. Hearing brothers talk back and forth in conversation would be engaging to hear as you both share banter, laughter, and heartfelt experiences. I also love the screenplay idea, but I am biased, because that is something I like to do in my free time. What direction would you take the screenplay? Would it be a recreation of the events? One idea may be to film a sort of short documentary that documents how things are now as you, Sammy, your dad, and others reminisce and reflect.

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