I am definitely a little confused about which route I am going to choose for my remediation project, but here are a few ideas.

1. A podcast– however, I would have someone else recite it because my natural voice makes me sound like a person who has been smoking for fifty years.

2. A blog– I would track food trucks and see what other people experienced by eating from them.

3. A ted talk– they’re my favorite and I think my topic of social media and intertwining with food trucks can show a lot

2 thoughts to “Remediation”

  1. To me, a ted talk sounds like the most intriguing idea. Like a ted talk about food trucks?! That sounds awesome and I don’t think it has been done before. I haven’t read your repurposing project, so I’m not sure how exactly social media and food trucks are intertwined, but I’m interested to learn. If you’re going to do a ted talk type of remediation, some questions to think about are: What makes the link between social media and food trucks unique and important? How do food trucks impact the community and how do people respond to them? What do food trucks add or change about the typical dining experience? Do food trucks bring up any intellectual arguments that require scholarly explanation? Also, add your own flair to it, use your personality and disdain for bad eyebrows in the ted talk to engage the audience and make sure it’s one that they’re not going to forget!

  2. I agree that a Ted Talk would be the most dynamic path to take. Isn’t it pretty interesting that Ted Talks are their own genre when in reality they really are just speeches/lectures with presentation on a big screen behind the speaker? You could not only write the speech for your Ted Talk, but actually make a Powerpoint presentation and film yourself giving the talk.

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