Remediation Ideas

Ideas to turn my health disparities paper into a interactive, media-based platform:

1. Turn the paper into a blog post with pictures, videos, songs. I reference many movie scenes and songs in my writing, and I could add those clips into the actual paper on a web-based forum
2. Make a collage-esque video with clips from many different movies, songs, etc. to show the history of the problem, and the outcomes
3. Create a blog where other people can post their own experiences in health care, racism, low-income situations, etc. with different tabs for different types of writing (poetry, prose, short story, memoir, …)

One thought to “Remediation Ideas”

  1. Your idea to create a blog where other people can come together and share their ideas is so intriguing! I love that you’re considering creating a community forum of sorts. I also like that your move away from writing yourself would be to encourage others to write–that’s really cool!

    A couple clarifying questions: who would you make sure that content is being generated for your blog? Where would you find people to write for you, and how would you convince them to submit? How much of your own work would be published?

    This is a great idea, one that seems to carry the potential to to move beyond just another class project to something more meaningful, that could affect peoples lives, or at least ask them to engage differently with your content. I’m looking forward to seeing in which directions you choose to take this project!

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