Research for Project II

Did you know that there is a Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies? I didn’t either but now I do. For research I have been looking at a lot of online articles written about Young Adult Fiction and how to write it. These articles vary from being actual serious guides on how to write young adult fiction to interviews with authors who write young adult fiction to lists of advice from writers. Most of these articles are housed on websites and blogs that are devoted to writing and are written by writers to help other writers and to share their experiences. This was the kind of place that I was thinking this piece of writing could really reside. So I guess my research has thus been two-fold: I have seen what already exists in this space where I am thinking it could be placed and also seeing what other people have already said and are saying about this topic.

Two pieces that I have found specifically helpful are the articles found HERE and HERE. I just loved both of these pieces for different reasons. I love the tones of them both and think they are both biting in their own different ways. The first one in some ways fights against the second one but I think that they are both important for me to consider while constructing my piece. Because my guide is satirical it will tend to be much closer to the second one in content and message. However the first one was one of the pieces that I read early on which convinced me that my piece was even possible. It refutes arguments that I would make in my piece and is in itself a validation of why the piece of writing that I would write could exist.

In any case it has been fun doing all this research and it has certainly been some of the most enjoyable research that I have had to do for a class.

2 thoughts to “Research for Project II”

  1. Hey Tyler!
    Have you thought about doing any research on satirical articles? I know you mentioned your guide will be satirical, so it might be useful to look into how effective satirical articles ares structured. Maybe check out some things from The Onion or Michigan’s Every Three Weekly. This might help you guide the way in which you write your satire. Off of that, is your guide about how to write young adult fiction? Or are you trying to write young adult fiction? Have you thought about what will set your guide apart from the other guides you’ve already checked out, particularly the one that you linked in your post? Did you want it to stand out in a different way or were you trying to achieve the same thing? Sounds like a fun idea & it’s great that you’re enjoying conducting the research!

  2. Hi Tyler,

    Your project has the potential to be super funny. I agree that it would be helpful to look into The Onion. The second article you have hyperlinked was really funny. Are you planning on modeling it of off that? Or are you going to change up the structure/content a bit?


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