Researching for Project II

For Project II, I’m reworking a letter that I wrote to the head of advertising at Nike during my senior year of high school. I didn’t actually send the letter, but my assignment was to critique a particular piece of advertising and I happened to stumble upon this Tiger Woods ad:


The ad was published after the huge Tiger Woods scandal. (If you don’t know about it, in short, he cheated on his wife countless times and the media found out. It blew up and his reputation was basically┬áruined.)

Now, I plan on writing a newspaper sports column criticizing the way certain organizations or people that could take a stand against athletes’ transgressions instead sweep them under the rug/make light of the violations.

I did some research and plan on using some famous sports columnists’ work as an example/inspiration for my Project II. I also found some generic newspaper templates that I could use to present my repurposed project,


but am still searching to find a template of a major sports publication like Sports Illustrated or ESPN the Magazine.

Finally, the last piece of research has to do with selecting what events in sports I want to write about and provide a critique of. Obviously I’ll edit my letter about Tiger Woods to include in the column, but I’ve also looked at a lot of other cases (sadly a lot of them revolve around domestic abuse) involving Greg Hardy (NFL), Ray Rice (NFL), Ronda Rousey (UFC), and Hope Solo (USWNT).

So far, so good in the research department, I just need to pick what events to focus on.

3 thoughts to “Researching for Project II”

  1. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of research so far! I think the newspaper idea sounds really interesting and I like the approach your taking on the issues. I’m interested to see how you turn the letter into a newspaper column. Is it going to be more like an editorial, or letter to the editor, or how are you going to frame it?

    I also think it is a good idea to bring in other cases besides just the Tiger Woods incidents in order to strengthen your argument and really differentiate from your original piece. Anyways, good luck as you continue your research!

  2. Hey Kevin! I love you idea for the remediation project. You clearly care a lot about sports (as I believe you’ve mentioned that you write the sports column for the Michigan Daily), so it will be exciting to see what you do with this project. Maybe you’ll want to think about writing about a current event in sports news (possibly something like the new football player that was drafted for the Michigan Football Team as a Junior in High School) or a sport in particular that interests you, since we will be working closely with these ideas for the rest of the semester. Your layout looks great, I am looking forward to reviewing your drafts.

  3. Kevin, I’m impressed. Seriously, you seem to really have your shit together. You seem to have done a good amount of the research you need, from template and format to content. My only question is how are you planning on critiquing the media/news’ habit of making light of the wrongdoings of athletes? Will you be up front and matter of fact about it, or will it be more satirical in which you impersonate and exaggerate the way they sweep scandals under the rug? I personally think the satire would be great, but where would it be published? Just some questions to think about! Your project seems like it will turn out really interesting though!

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