Sketch Draft and Intro Workshop Review

  1. The most helpful component of the blog group workshop was to see if what I thought I was doing with my writing was actually what my writing was doing. Since my genre is immersive journalism and I have only written very little in this genre previously, it was especially helpful for me to see that my attempt at mimicking the immersive journalism genre was effective. Also, though my draft was rather primitive, the workshop was helpful for me to see if my group members could follow the path I intended to take with my writing. Did I effectively convey what I wanted to focus on without overstating it or understanding it?
  2. After the workshop, I am feeling much better about the workshop. Although I thought my draft was pretty bad, my blog group members were very supportive of what I had written and were encouraging about moving forward. This can only mean positive things to come!
  3. Research will continue to take a number of forms for my project. Specially, research will be utilized in three ways. First, I am going on a rock climbing trip to interview some friends in March. This event will make up a large part of the body of the finished project. Second, I need to continue to hash out scientific content. I have a lot done already, but this will continue up until the project is due. Third, I need more genre inspiration. I need to learn how to incorporate multiple personas and events into a single cohesive piece of writing. Reading similar immersive journalism pieces will help. Right now I need to also finish the following books (that is what spring break is for!): Into the Wild, Alone on the Wall, and Backpacking with the Saints.
  4. In order to reach a complete working draft, I will need to meet the research goals above. I also need to write the stories of my experiences. This is something I can do ahead of time and will modify them and fit them to the theme later. Obviously I cant do that with the climbing trip yet though. In addition to research and writing, I will need to learn how to better use the software that I am relying on to mimic The New Yorker. Specifically, I need to learn how to change and add photos
This is where the climbing trip will occur! I hope to take many cool pictures  here myself.
This is where the climbing trip will occur! I hope to take many cool pictures here myself.

2 thoughts to “Sketch Draft and Intro Workshop Review”

  1. I’m glad our blog group workshop was helpful! I think you are on a great track and you seem to have a good sense of the goals you need to meet in the future. I can’t wait to hear about your rock climbing trip; I’m sure you will come back with a lot of valuable information for your piece!


  2. I’m glad we were of help with your workshop. I think this is going to turn into a really fun and interesting piece. I am pretty jealous that going on a rock climbing trip also serves as research for your project. I hope you have a great time- I can’t wait to hear about it and see how you incorporate the experience into your project!


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