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I’ve had a change of heart. I was planning on making a handbook for all types of emergency situations and maybe including anecdotes, but when I actually tried writing it out, I kept getting stuck. It didn’t feel like my project; it just felt like a regurgitation of facts I’ve learned. I obviously don’t have particular stories for each and every one of the situations, so it felt like I wasn’t getting out of this project what I wanted to. I wanted this project to allow me to be creative but also to educate on how to handle emergency situations without being overbearing…and that’s exactly what my original plan felt like.

When I realized this, I panicked because I wasn’t sure how to spin the project to this new vision. After sporadic brainstorming throughout the day, I’ve decided to make it more of a creative story with different outcomes depending on what the reader decides to do (like a CYOA book). I think it sort of masks the fact that the book is educational while also being entertaining (if I can execute it properly, of course).

Anyway, I’ve created a new DETAILED outline with all the different options/paths, and I am exciting to begin actually writing it all out. I plan on drawing from actual experiences I had when I was interning in the ambulances.

All that needs to be done is the actual putting-together-writing part…

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  1. Hi Chetali,

    Being entirely unfamiliar with your project, this sounds cool from only what I know from this post! I used to love CYOA books when I was a kid, and I like the idea of an educational spin on that concept.

    The one comment I have is in regards to the genre of this project. If you are going to mirror something that is already well-established as a genre and is something marketable, then what you produce will need to meet the expectations of what is already published and “out there.” Ray talks to my class often about this, because it is important that we know the culture, parameters, standards, and other details about whatever genres we are engaging with.

    Anyway, good luck on the project! It has been awesome so far to see what people have been coming up with and are beginning to produce.



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