Stay Learning (on the Internet)

I deleted my browsing history last Thursday afternoon and can now reflect on all the places I’ve surfed over this extended weekend. The first site I see myself repeatedly checking is Ctools, which makes sense because I was waiting for my biochem exam grade to come out all of Thursday and Friday. The Ctools Gradebook page was clearly a top hit for the first part of this experiment–until Friday morning when the scores were released.

Two sites that I often look up are Facebook and Vox. I did not need this weekend’s experiment to show me that I consistently check these sites. At the beginning of this year, I deleted my twitter and Instagram, deciding that I needed to minimize being distracted on social media. That left me only with Faceboook, so since its really my only form of social media distraction, I go there probably almost every time I open up my laptop. I realize this can be a bad habit. One way I can disrupt this Facebook habit is to always keep the tab open on my computer. As a way for me to avoid re-opening my Facebook page, every time a notification comes up I can always see it that way. I use similar logic for keeping my imessage app open on my computer at all times: by being able to see if a I receive a message on my computer, it prevents me from unnecessarily checking my phone.

I can also see from my weekend’s browsing history that I searched for Vox at least once a day. I have been reading Vox, especially during this time of year, because I enjoy learning about the presidential primary election. In my opinion, Vox delivers the most concise, straightforward, and most importantly not-boring, news articles about the election. I like to generally keep up with politics; even when the article is not discussing the election, Vox provides good news about what is going on in the government. Finally, because it was Super Bowl weekend, I was on, bleacher report, and other sports news sites. I found that this Super Bowl was filled with questions and controversies surrounding Cam Newton: why did he leave the newsroom? why didn’t he recover his fumble? why was he so targeted on twitter for his “lousy” performance? In all, I enjoyed reading about the different opinions I found on those sports sites this weekend.

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  1. Very cool that you look at Vox considering we looked at it in class for a lesson. I liked the layout of the site too. Hope you looked at ESPN too for the Super Bowl.

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