“That Person”

Shelley often brings up “that person” from her previous gateway and capstone courses, the student, each semester, that overhauls their entire project midway through. She says this not to freak us out, but rather to reassure us that it’s completely okay if we have a change of heart midway through the project. I never thought I would be “that person” but there I sat in workshop today, listening to my peers give feedback to a project very similar to mine, re-evaluating the choices I had made so far.

Here is what my mock-up looked like before workshop today:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.00.37 PM

Through meetings with my mentor, a professor in the Communication Studies department specializing in journalism, and with Shelley and my blog group, I came to the realization that a journalistic style may not be the best fit for my topic. My mentor said that for something to be considered “journalistic” it had to take a unique angle on a topic and find something newsworthy and important. I was seriously stretching to find something especially current about yoga, mindfulness, college experiences, and my personal experience. My introduction naturally took more of a narrative style, which leads me to believe that may be a more realistic avenue to pursue. In class today, my blog group was supportive of that idea. They feel as if my passion for the topic would best come through if I really put my agency and experiences in it like a narrative, rather than taking myself out of the piece like in a journalistic piece.

It also helped to hear my peers’ feedback on Cameron’s project. Our topics are fairly similar, both revolving around health and our personal experiences with an active practice. The language and tone his piece took on inspired me, and I valued the advice he was given on where best to introduce the “importance” or “what now” of his piece.

Moving forward, I first want to meet with Shelley and clarify my ideas. I know I’m not completely re-hauling my project, but I am admittedly very type-A and feel like I can’t move forward until I’ve made certain decisions with clarity. Then, I may need to read some personal narratives as research and decide on the best platform/audience based on my new genre. I think that I should also revisit my previous research to see what I can take away from it and apply to my new ideas. Finally, I will need to rethink the structure and content of my piece.

What I am still struggling with, even after talking it over with my blog group, is finding my purpose for writing, why it’s important to me and why I feel like now is the right time to write it. Any feedback, seriously, about yoga, why it’s important to you, why it’s relevant now, and the challenges and benefits of mindfulness, would be much welcomed and appreciated.


Sarah Schuman

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I think you’re definitely going in the right direction with this! It might seem difficult to shift, but it seems like the personal narrative format will go well with the topic of yoga in general. You can make it more organic and personal, which is what I think will make the piece really strong. Also, I think you can definitely make yoga newsworthy for today if you’re wondering why it’s relevant now; I don’t do yoga, but it seems like the whole “business” of yoga has been blowing up in the past ten years or so, so it could be interesting to look at how some people might do yoga just because it is trendy and not fully achieve the mindfulness component.
    I think this will be great!

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