The State of my Project II

I have decided to follow my original idea to interview different college students and ask how other people’s writing influences them and how they can relate to the journalist. I debated about gathering a little data from a lot of people, or a loot of data from a group of people, and I believe that the latter option will more accurately allow me to understand these people’s influence and how they continue to view writing today. I have already completed two interviews, one specifically on writing, and another with an aspiring DJ who told me how he tells his stories through his music.While it was unintentional, it has been very interesting to see how different people use different mediums to tell their stories. I have very recently set up an interview with a student who specializes on social media and documenting new trends and updates on social media. I am looking forward to seeing how he explains social media to be an effective, or not as effective way to tell stories and to exhibit one’s voice due to the many limitations. I would say that there have mainly been successes, and while many technological pieces still need to be refurbished and I look forward to writing my paper on this for project II, I believe I am in a great spot and can’t wait to move forward.

One thought to “The State of my Project II”

  1. Hey Louis!

    I think I like your choice to interview less people but focus in on them. I think it’ll work better as a podcast and will be much easier to synthesize and edit. I’m’ glad that there’s been so much forward movement in your project. I also appreciate that you’re trying to represent how different people prefer different mediums rather than a focus solely upon writing.


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