Three Remediation Possibilities

As I have begun to think about the possible remediation forms my paper could take my mind quickly jumped to a blog setting with images and quotes intertwined in the blog. Most paragraphs would be split up with a relevant piece of media. I think this fits the style of writing I am trying to create. I could bring in quotes from Lennon and McCartney and images of what is literally happening in the song, and what I am trying to portray.

Another possibility I could see my essay turning into is being posted on a song review/critique website. I know there are many sites that discuss specific songs and their meaning, and what they make of these songs. This seems like a perfect place for me to share my personal thoughts and connections to “A Day In The Life.”

My third is idea is having my paper be turned into a magazine article. I am picturing more of a Rolling Stone piece that touches on old music and brings it back to life. Most people, especially my age, probably haven’t thought about a Beatle song in this much detail, so I think it would be an interesting experience for a reader to have.



One thought to “Three Remediation Possibilities”

  1. I think any of these three ideas could be really effective. I like the idea of focusing in on your personal connection to a specific song. I am interested to see what sort of images you could incorporate. It would be really cool to (if you had ones that would be applicable) utilize personal pictures in addition to describing the song. .

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