Three Remediation Possibilities

Since I am exploring the Greek diaspora, which has resulted in a Greek-American limbo, which I experience myself, I would like to remediate my piece in a very visual, colorful, and emotional way. I want my readers to feel something from me, so I think a very visual stimulating remediation would be perfect.

Option 1: I could search for old photographs of my family in Greece. I’m talking way back when photos were hard to come by. I know for a fact I have images of my family and I in the same places, which could be a cool remediation project to have them positioned side-by-side. For instance, I have a picture in front of the sign that says you are entering my mother’s village of Alepoxori, and I have seen older images of my mother’s parents standing at that same sign in the 1940s.

Option 2: A mini-doc of interviews with other first generation kids like myself. Maybe not of Greek heritage, but other heritages where they find the same phenomenon/paradox of identity taking shape.

Option 3: An online photo album of photos from Greece and photos from Greektown (Astoria, Queens) or Greektown in Chicago. A BuzzFeed-like format about the best places to go in each place could be cool.


One thought to “Three Remediation Possibilities”

  1. Amanda, I like your #3 idea a lot. Comparing photos taken in Greece to photos from Greektowns in the United States would be very cool. Look up Greektown in Detroit as well. Maybe you could focus on how the restaurants or buildings in the Greektowns you chose resemble a specific place in Greece. In my opinion, trying to be as specific as possible in your comparisons would be the best way to go about that project.

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