What Creative Frontiers Are Left?

I’m sure everyone has been contemplating their capstone project goals, trying to find a medium or style that is semi-revolutionary. I, too, am struggling with finding a novel way to embrace this project. This has led me to consider if there really is any creative “frontier” that has yet to be explored or discovered. Music, artwork, film, dance – what else¬†exists beyond these mediums?

Part of me believes there’s nothing left to be discovered. There are technological advancements¬†that allow us to experience existing¬†creative forms in new ways, like virtual reality and 3D movies. There are even new ways to experience your favorite vices (there’s a bar in London that emits an alcohol mist which is absorbed through your pores). However, none of these methods are creating a definitively new medium.

I’d like to know what others think. Are the only new combinations of mediums, or do some think that we have yet to experience the full spectrum of creative expression?

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