What I’m worried about!

Honestly, what am I not worried about, amiright?

I’m feeling pretty excited about my topic. I think the overall theme of “secrets” is going to be absolutely fascinating to research. My project will involve plenty of audio editing and interviewing which I’m actually quite comfortable with. For so many of my communications classes I’ve had to interview people and turn them into podcasts with sound effects and music, plus I’ve done a lot of music editing for my dance team, so I’m looking forward to that. Although I’ll be honest I’m not sure how long to make them, but that’s a minor detail. Same with photographs: I’ve had plenty of experience taking and editing photos (although I’m certainly no expert) so I think that part will be fun and interesting.

I’m most nervous I think about what it (my project) will actually turn into. In my production plan, I talked a lot about a ~website~ I’ll be making which will house all of my podcast and photos, but what does that even mean? Aesthetically and content-wise, I think I’m just going to have to kind of figure it out as I go, which of course makes me a complete wreck considering the size of this project. I know everyone is worried about that, so I’ll also say I’m worried about the research of my project. How much information on the psychology of secrets is too much? Is just discussing historical and famous examples of secrets interesting? What can I do to make it more interesting?

So many questions! I guess I’ll just have to try some things out and see how it goes.

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