Where I Need Help

What I feel confident about:

  • The research aspect: At this point in my academic career, I’ve had to write quite a few research papers, so I feel fairly confident in my ability to find¬†background information to support my project.

What I need the most help with:

  • The fictive aspect: I barely have any experience writing in fiction. The only assignment I can recall in which I’ve written fiction is the Pikachu/Fire assignment from the gateway course. Regardless, I’m really excited try out this form. I think I’ll just have to rely heavily¬†on feedback from Ray and my classmates to determine whether I actually have a grasp on this type of writing.
  • The illustrations: What makes me nervous about this aspect is trying to maintain a consistent theme between my illustrations and the general design of the project. Also, I have no idea what the content of these illustrations will be, but I am hoping inspiration will come along as I begin writing.
  • Portrayal of Haitian culture: This is probably the most worrying aspect of my project. I will have to portray a Haitian child in a way that is realistic and try to formulate her character without pushing traits associated with the Global West or stereotypes associated with the Global South.


One thought to “Where I Need Help”

  1. Hey Andrea!

    I have not heard much about your project, but from the sound of this blog post – it sounds pretty cool! I can definitely relate to what you are feeling confident/nervous about going forward, especially the research/portrayal aspects. I too have had many different research assignments throughout my four years of college, so I can’t imagine finding or looking through the research I find to be one of the more challenging aspects to this project – my only concern is ultimately decided how and where to use my research. As for your concern on how to portray Haitian culture: I think it is wise of you to notice this as a potential problem now, that way you can do your best to avoid this downfall at all costs, which I’m sure you will. I don’t know much about Haitian culture, or portraying differing cultures online, but maybe search online for similar projects? Or it may be helpful to speak to professors/students with similar backgrounds to help you gauge what would be necessary to hit in your project, and what is always important to steer away form in order to avoid classic stereotypes.

    I can’t wait to see the final product!

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