When asked why a general reader might be interested in my own “Why I Write” essay, my initial reaction was to think that they wouldn’t be interested. It’s hard to see why someone else might be interested in seeing why you write when you don’t even write extensively or outside of coursework But then I realized that may be the unique perspective I have to offer. I applied for the minor in writing because I know that writing is super important no matter what I end up doing in the future and because it was a skill I knew I needed practice at. But I also really liked the idea of liking writing. It feels very romantic – to have this need and ability to transfer your thoughts and emotions into carefully arranged words, to create something so personal and yet still meant for the public. When I was a kid, I always thought I wanted to be a writer – as an adult, I’m not so sure if that’s the primary title I’d like to hold. I think that the push-and-pull that I feel with writing, the love/hate relationship, is one that might provide something new to a reader wondering why I write.

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  1. I think your perspective is exceptionally relatable. I know when I first heard the prompt, I had a similar reaction. I definitely think that this perspective is something that almost everyone, regardless of whether they enjoy writing feels and would be interested in reading about.

  2. Hey Areeba!
    I’m interested in you!
    I get what you mean about writing being a “romantic” thing to be into. Like the writer sitting in the coffee shop with a literal type writer and suspenders. So avant-garde. So cool. Such sophistication. Actually I don’t think that’s what you meant.
    I feel like we are so very fortunate to be able to write (and write well). Developing writing skill has importance beyond practicality (but I agree that writing well is a skill that will help us no matter what we decide to do in the future). It’s like when I quit orchestra but my mom tried to convince me to continue playing the clarinet. She said it would be something that I could go back to and do for enjoyment. I still quit the clarinet. But I’m going to keep with the writing.

  3. Hi Areeba. I feel like you just read my mind. When our class was first given the Why I Write project, I remember thinking: do I even write? Am I even a writer? I felt like I was a fraud, a phony sitting amongst all these writers and thinking, just as you do here, that it is hard to see why someone else might be interested in seeing why I write when I don’t even write extensively or outside of given coursework. But once I stopped thinking about all of this and started thinking about why I actually WANT to write and why I wanted to apply for this minor, it all started making sense. I loved when you said it feels romantic. I completely agree, and my why I write became almost entirely about human connection. I hope your project is coming along nicely! Maybe I will get to see it on the eportfolio sometime! Best of luck.

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