Success Is What You Make It

What is success? We use the word success so often in our daily life, yet when asked to define it, things can become complex.
I think it is fair to say that different people have different definitions of success. The poor boy growing up with few resources may define success as going to college. And a child that is more well off may be on a straight line to college the second he or she is born and has to do more than just get attend college to be “successful.”
But perhaps those examples are too much on the surface of what the word really means. I think what should be analyzed the most is if success is a word you can apply to yourself or if it needs to be awarded to you by others. Think about your own life, do you only think of yourself as “successful” when others give you credit for being so? Or do you think of yourself as “successful” when you achieve inner peace – when you are happy. In others words is success about your feelings, others feelings about you, or even how you feel about how other people feel about you?
The more I think about this word the more I lean towards the idea that, shouldn’t being happy be “success?” Isn’t the goal of life to find happiness? Yet I feel as a society we lean more towards viewing success based upon societal norms and others approval.
Am I wrong?

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