Learning nothing through CSG Elections

When I think of the concept of boilerplate, I think about election platforms. Hannah mentioned these in her blog post with regards to the current CSG election, and I have to say I agree. I have been inundated with the same 30 second pitch from candidates for the Central Student Government and have taken to grilling them for details in their proposals because hearing someone say “diversity and inclusion” with no emotion or respect for what that might mean makes me want to gouge my eyes out (it’s been said ALOT – I am very frustrated).

NewMich Platform:

NewMICH brings together a diverse and passionate group of student leaders dedicated to implementing transformative change at the University of Michigan. With an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and student engagement, we strive to further an environment in which all students can thrive, have their voices heard and grow during their time on campus.

Your Michigan Mission:

Your Michigan is a community in which wolverines will feel heard, protected, and empowered.

I know that there are differences in their platforms and that they are articulated in other pages on their website, but these mission statements tell me nothing. When representatives went dorm-storming, they repeated these same words until I had to ask for more. So for me, this is a prime example of boilerplate.


Going off this same theme, a cliche I have heard often is: It’s time for change.

It’s always time for change, but this has been said so often that it means nothing. It’s also a cliche that people use to make themselves seem unique and/or able to actually create that change.

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