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We did some freewriting in class and I wasn’t sure what to expect because we didn’t know the question until it was given to us. They all related to reflecting on my writing though. Some of the questions were hard and some I knew the answer to right away. Regardless, it made me think.


1. What characterizes my writing at its best?

It’s a question that’s hard because it makes you think about all the writing that you’ve done. Both the good and bad. I feel like I know what I’m good at, but I’m not completely sure.

My best writing has come from a place of honesty where I’m honest with myself and the world. I think we need more of that in life. If I’m able to articulate my thoughts in the way I really feel, I know it is successful because there’s bound to be at least one person who shares those same feelings, but is afraid to articulate them. I guess it’s writing without fear of judgment or ridicule because then I know I have nothing to lose.

When there’s stuff holding me back, then I know the reader is missing something too. Looking at all the past genres I’ve done, I’d say the one I’m the best at is the personal narrative. I think it’s an area where I get to write honestly and it’s from my own experiences as well. In the world, we kind of blend in as we’re just one in the crowd, but with personal narrative it’s a way we can stand out and speak from our own experiences because nobody has seen the world like us before.

Sometimes I feel like my best writing comes from a topic that’s been on my mind for a while. Something that bothers me about the world or some commonality that I’ve noticed. It makes me think that I’m not the only one who notices and I want others to know they aren’t the only ones either.


How will your project reveal something about me as a writer?

Tying in with the last part about my best writing coming from a topic that’s been on my mind. I’ve thought about my identity for a while, which is why I chose to take on this project.

I think my project will reveal the issues I care about. Coming in as a freshman, I definitely didn’t pay attention to social issues as much and I’ve seen that change in myself throughout the years. I’ve lived more of life, seen unfair things, and read the news. All of that has attributed to figuring out what’s important to me and what upsets me in the world.

Now with my project, it’s a commentary on higher education and social class. I think it’s a way to let people talk about things that they generally don’t get to talk about, and it’s a way to get people thinking. There are opportunities on this campus to tell their story, but sometimes you’re not in the right group or right place to hear about them. I don’t think the people who are self selected to talk about their stories can represent everybody, so I think my project is about giving a voice to people. Now I recognize there is self selection because I’m choosing people to interview, but I’m trying to a variety of people in my contacts.

I think writing is sometimes seen as an individual process, but since I’m doing interviews I’m involving other people which shows that I can’t do writing alone. I’ve evolved as a writer with the help of other people.

3. What do you still not know about yourself as writer?

An answer to this question immediately popped into my mind! Am I good writer?

Good is very subjective, but as I’m graduating with this minor in writing, I don’t know if I am a good writer. I feel like I’ve improved, but I don’t know for sure… (class grades, people’s opinions, etc). I think some people would look at my writing and think that it’s average, but I hope that for the most part I’ve gone beyond that.

I don’t think there’s a concrete answer to my question, but I’ve tried to dabble in different areas of writing throughout my time here to try to make myself a good writer. I think I’m still trying to figure out what genre I excel in. I’d like to say it’s personal narrative, but in a way I don’t want it to be only that one. I don’t know… I feel like there’s a lot I don’t know about myself as a writer because I’m also still trying to figure out who I am as a person too. I wonder if I’ve taken enough risks as a writer… I feel like I took a leap pursuing this minor, so maybe I have.


These questions made me think about my writing and how far I’ve come. I think this type of reflection is good for thinking about my evolution essay.

Melody Ng

Melody is currently a senior studying business.

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