Am I interesting?

This question seriously through me for a loop. Not only have I never had to think about my readers’ opinion on my work, but I have never had to formulate a post about it. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but my passion did not really take off until I was in college. My English 125 professor confronted me and praised me on my performance. Until then, I knew I was not good at math or science. But, I soon realized that writing was my niche. It took some self confidence boosting until I realized that writing was something that came relatively natural to me in a professional and unprofessional standing.

Now, back to the question: What do you think is potentially interesting about your writing to a reader? What do you have to offer?

In my opinion, I think that my unique opinions on contemporary topics is what would make a reader interested in my pieces. For example, I wrote an entire blog post for the Odyssey about the conceptualization of “FOMO.” I’ve written about juice cleanses, food trucks, and topics that are very contemporary and relatable to my audience. This is somewhat contrary to my major. I am a political science major and my essays typically have to be pretty dry. However, my creative writing has allowed me to explore my inner millennial– which I think a lot of readers would enjoy and empathize with.

2 thoughts to “Am I interesting?”

  1. Jennifer, I think it’s so interesting how you mentioned that even though you’ve been writing as long as you remember, you had to hit a certain point in life before you became passionate about it. I thought it was particularly cool how it was in college, where most people learn more about what it really means to be a part of the millennial generation, that you kind of discovered that your niche was actually writing about millennial topics in a fun way. I definitely think people in our age bracket would be interested in hearing your take on exploring your inner millennial!

  2. Jennifer, when reading this post and reflecting on my own life and writing, I experienced a similar feeling of uncertainty. I have also never considered my readers’ opinion on my work, but your post caused me to realize that everyone’s writing has something to offer. Your ability to connect your writing to contemporary topics seems like it makes your writing extremely relatable, and I would be very interested in reading some of your work!

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