Are You Not Entertained?

George Orwell talks about writing as a form of sheer egoism. Writing is one’s desire to seem clever or to be remembered or to share experiences that they have convinced themselves that others must take part in.

So why do I write? Is it because I’m that self-centered? Ever since I was a little kid, I enjoyed being the center of attention. When we played follow the leader I always wanted to be the leader. When we played basketball I wanted to be the point guard. When we played football I wanted to be the quarterback. The examples go on and on. The writer is the equivalent of the point guard, the quarterback, the leader in part because there is no competition and in part because they are expressing their personal opinions, stories, anecdotes and telling themselves the reader cares. You are the always center of attention. Writing is the ultimate form of ego fulfillment.

I often find that people are bad at listening; that people, when they are supposed to be listening, are instead just waiting for their turn to talk again. That doesn’t happen with writing. Writing is something where people pay (either through money or time) to hear your thoughts or stories. Readers sit down and dedicate their time just to hear what you have to say. There’s no ulterior motive. They’re not pushing an agenda. They’re just listening to you. And that’s kind of cool isn’t it? That people are that interested in what you’re saying?

I write because I think I have something worth saying or a story worth telling. I write because I think that it’s a way to make somebody laugh while also making them think and grow. I also like to think (or hope or pray since I’m minoring) that I’m pretty good at it. And maybe that’s just another example of the six year old kid whose ego is too big to play a position other than point guard. Who thinks he has something to say or a story worth sharing and has convinced himself that you want to read it. I hope I’m right.

One thought to “Are You Not Entertained?”

  1. Zach,

    I love that you write to make people laugh. I have a similar style of writing, and it makes me feel good to add humor into other people’s lives. Especially college students at the University of Michigan, it is nice to have a break and read lighthearted pieces sometimes. Continue to use your humor because as a reader it is loved!

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