Are You Reading This?

After thinking about the different types of audiences that may view my e-portfolio, I have been able to start visualizing how I want my e-portfolio to take shape. I identified four different audiences that may read my e-portfolio: 1. MIW Faculty 2. MIW Students 3. Potential employers 3. Friends and family.


  1. MIW Faculty

The MIW Faculty will be looking at my portfolio to evaluate it, as well as to learn more about the different students within the minor. The faculty will hope to see that I have completed and (hopefully) exceeded all of the requirements set out in our capstone class. Additionally, they will be specifically looking at the rubric. They want to see cohesion throughout the entire portfolio. In terms of my web portfolio, the MIW faculty will hope to see a connection between my content, design and layout of my website. They would not like to see an e-portfolio that is hard to navigate and does not contain all the appropriate content. I would like the MIW faculty to see my e-portfolio as interesting, engaging, and visually pleasing. I also hope they are impressed by my hard work throughout the minor, especially the capstone project.


  1. MIW Students

MIW students will be looking at my portfolio to learn about peers and to see an example of past e-portfolios. As I mentioned above, students will also be looking to make sure I have filled and exceed all of the requirements that were laid out in class and the actual rubric. MIW students will also hope to see cohesion throughout the design and content of my e-portfolio. Additionally, they will want to see a web portfolio that is easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to read. MIW students would not like to read an e-portfolio that is cluttered and hard to navigate. I hope MIW students will leave my e-portfolio feeling like it was a great example and something they want to model their e-portfolio off of. I hope they seem my portfolio as cohesive, engaging, interesting and exciting.



  1. Potential employers

Potential employers may be reading my e-portfolio to see some of my past writing and experiences at the University of Michigan. I would assume that most employers would want to see that I am a proficient writer, who’s interests and abilities are catered to the position they are looking to fill. Potential employers would expect to see a cohesive, and appealing to the eye web portfolio. Further, most of the jobs I am interested in are in the fashion industry, so employers would hope to see a sophisticated, chic and stylist format. It would be very important to potential employer to have a website that is easy to navigate and understand. If the entire portfolio only uses jargon that the MIW would understand, it would be hard for employers to read. I hope potential employers will leave my e-portfolio impressed by all my hard work.



  1. Friends and family

My friends and family will be looking at my e-portfolio to read my work and see what I have done throughout my writing minor. The only expectations I can think of my friends and family having would be great writing. Aside from the quality of my writing, my friends and family are interested in what topics I have written about. They would hope to see a web portfolio that reflects my interests, especially fashion. Just like future employers they would hope to see a sophisticated, chic and stylist format. Friends and family would also not be happy if the portfolio only used jargon that MIW would understand. I hope that my friends and family will leave my e-portfolio feeling proud and impressed of all the work I have done throughout the writing minor.


I think that for the purpose of the Capstone class, the MIW faculty is my primary audience for my e-portfolio.

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