Boiler Plate and Cliché

Boiler Plate

“The key to understanding why reputable studies are so starkly divided on the question of what Facebook does to our emotional state may be in simply looking at what people actually do when they’re on Facebook. ”

What I think is Boiler Plate about this sentence are the first words, “The key to understanding…”, specifically the use of the word “key”.  Check out the rest of the article here (it’s actually quite good!).


“Gwen Stefani, one of today’s most recognized and successful pop stars,”  I find the use of “today” to be the cliché aspect of this phrase…it’s redundnat but frequently used becasue of it’s cliché status…or does that make it boiler plate?

“After ending her 13-year marriage with Bush member Gavin Rossdale, Stefani hit a few bumps on the road to her comeback record,”  Ok. this is definitely a cliché “a few bumbs on the road”….plus the use of “comeback”….oooh. That’s just the type of language that works but is kind of annoying. Yet, because it works we are okay with reading that sort of thing.

Here is a link to the rest of the article:https.

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