Cliche or Nah?

  1. My grade A example of a piece that is a boiler plate is this article about Donald Trump at the AIPAC conference ( The nominees spoke about their opinions on Israel. While Donald Trump says he is a long supporter of Israel, all he talks about in the speech is his military opinions in the Middle East. This is a boiler plate because his speech is not saying that he supports Israel, he is saying that he supports Israel in order to downgrade the surrounding countries. (Sorry to make this all political, I just felt impassioned about this after I watched the AIPAC conference)
  2. My choice of a cliche is the Odyssey article that is labeled: Why wine, your girlfriends, and pizza are better than boys ( I am sorry, but I have probably been told that pizza is better than boys a million times when I have had relationship difficulty. Quotes in this article like, “Pizza is like boys. There are so many different types of pizza just like there are so many different types of boys.” C’mon. These are just cliches that are trying to make woman feel better about their break-ups.

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