Content Draft 1 -> Content Draft 2

I’ve decided I’m actually pleasantly surprised with where I’m heading with my project. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still losing my mind. But I think the actual process of writing has reminded me why I chose the topic I did in the first place. I’m hugely grateful that these early drafts aren’t graded separately, as I’ve often found that my writing is at its highest quality when I’m able to sit and write non-stop for a while, and only reflect back on what I wrote a day or two later.

After finishing the first (very incomplete) draft of my project, I realized that I might have been limiting myself in terms of content generation. I was so focused on achieving the writing style that I wanted that I neglected the most important part of my project – the content. I think this is an interesting issue, though; when should content be sacrificed for style, and when should style be sacrificed for content? Which is worse – beautiful writing that lacks depth, or interesting writing that lacks style? Is there a perfect mix of the two?

By no means am I planning to concede to either extreme. As of now, I think I’m doing an alright job of writing well and creating decent content, but this combination comes at the expense of the volume. Maybe I just need to get into a better groove.

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