Customer Centric.

An example of boilerplate language I found was Amazon’s mission statement. In it they claim to want to be “Earth’s most customer centric company.” What the hell does that mean? Is that opposed to not catering to your customers? You know, the people who keep your business afloat? Isn’t every company inherently customer centric? Or is there some company out there that slices your hand off after they deliver your pizza or something? Also how can one gauge customer centrism? There’s no scale. Being the ‘most customer centric company’ is totally subjective. Some people might already consider the most customer centric company on the planet. They’d be wrong but I’m sure they exist! In which case mission accomplished right? Pack it up, let’s go home, we’re customer centric.

Amazon’s mission statement can be found here:

I almost feel as though my example of cliche is cheating because I am using a Skip Bayless quote. Bayless makes his living off of saying incendiary things and waiting for someone to react. In a conversation with Mark Cuban in 2012, Bayless credits the Miami Heat’s championship win over the Oklahoma City Thunder to the fact that “Lebron played harder than Kevin Durant did four straight games.” I hate whenever commentators say that one athlete plays harder or wants it more than another, especially when it comes to championship games. Do you really think that a professional athlete whose entire life has revolved around one sport isn’t putting 100% in on the biggest stage? Do you really think that Kevin Durant walked off the court thinking “man if only I tried harder?” It’s lazy arguing. Rather than actually analyzing the game or producing some insight of actual substance, analysts like Bayless hide behind buzzwords and generalities with no real meaning. They are not customer centric.

The transcript from the interview is here:

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