Discovering Complications Late in the Game

I’ve done a lot of thinking about different aspects of my final projects. This project has many different sides—a serious side, a helpful side, and an overall informative side. But aside from all of the structural and useful elements of the project in and of itself, it embodies a particular humorous side.

Thinking about a food blog, humor may not be the first word that comes to mind. Typically something more along the lines of baking, recipes, or even shopping are bound to flood your mind first. But my blog is particularly aimed at college students attempting to cook for themselves. While this itself could be quite comical, there’s a funnier part: I don’t actually know much about cooking.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a total newbie. I do love food, I do love making new things, and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and putting it all together. But have I ever actually looked up new recipes to make them myself? Not much. And do I tend to stray away from foods I already know that I like, in an attempt to try something new? Rarely. And so, thinking about the idea of myself actually making this food blog is a bit humorous and absurd. I’m not nearly a professional chef—although I do sometimes image what I would put on my own restaurant menu, and that consists of about five dishes I know how to make well. I also don’t exactly have the college-student funds to buy a plethora of new ingredients to mix them together. And I don’t even have a car at school to get these ingredients—more humor.

But this underlying humorous aspect is what actually creates a purpose for my blog. When beginning this assignment, I was nervous that I didn’t have a particular message to go along with this project. What’s so different about a cooking blog? I’ll admit I still struggled with the purpose well into beginning the project. But as I continue on—and even throughout this mini assignment where I in fact discover the complications within my project as a whole—I definitely have targeted its purpose. The point of the blog is to juxtapose previous cooking ideals. We’re college students, and often we have much more on our mind than simply what we’re going to cook that day. We have tests, papers, meetings, and a range of activities that add to the time constraints of both preparing and eating meals. So this blog is funny—it goes against the ideologies of cooking, and adapts it to a fast paced, confusing, and overall disorganized college lifestyle. Whether you’re looking at where to run into the hottest shoppers, order in late night food from, or simply what to make for dinner with the few ingredients you have, this blog is simply for that.

It’s funny, it’s disorganized, but it’s reflective of the lifestyles we live. So in reality, if I knew much about cooking in the first place, I’d be a hypocrite to the blog.



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