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If you want to know how I started to work on this blog post here is a good idea…

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I randomly and recklessly just opened them all and started clicking through them all randomly. Moving from one page in one seeing if I like it, move to a different blog and go to a different page there. Probably not the best method but it is what I decided to do.

The first thing that I noticed was that I gravitated away from blogs that used a background that had a lot of pattern or stuck out and I was expected to read off of this. Blogs like this included Sara’s, Hannah’s, Julia’s, and Jake’s. I don’t know it just kind of bothered me. If there were boxes to buffer it like with Maya’s or Will’s it didn’t bother me as much as it did when I was expected to read directly off of this background.

I did enjoy how Cameron used his own photography as a beautiful background to his site although I did find it was a little odd when after a couple of pages it just stopped being used though. It seemed then that I was looking at two different sites. One with these beautiful scenic backgrounds and another that was plain white.

I also enjoyed how Brendan’s E-Portfolio and liked how constant it seemed compared to some of the others. With many of the others they constantly were changing formats or designs for the pages and it sometimes seemed as if no two pages were alike. With Brendan’s though they all seemed like they had the same simple format and structure which to me was nice.

Finally I wasn’t really thrilled with the setup that Maya was using for her eportfolio. It was confusing not to have all of the pages listed in the top menu for easy access. ¬†Although I did notice that there was a ball bottom in the former this was not immediately obvious and it took me a moment to notice it. I liked how in most of the others it was ¬†lot more clear how to get to each page from a single menu at the top and to me this navigation didn’t really work.

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